Put the lid down

These are not words you will hear in my house.  It’s not because my four year old son has mastered the art of the toilet lid, or that my husband installed automatic lid-put-downers, it’s because I have NO toilet seats and therefore no lids.

It’s just the rim, can you picture it, cause I’m not really into posting a picture of my potty.

So, how did this come to be and why have I let it continue?  The short story is they broke, the toilet seats that is.  If you’ve potty trained a boy you can see how this is possible, it involves the issue of aim.

So, why haven’t I replaced them?  Well…….have you heard the whole squatting versus sitting discussion?  Basically it’s about positioning, sitting on our western style potties hinder our colons from doing their job effectively.  With just the rim you can perch right up there in a perfect squat, no extra equipment needed.

Is anyone in the house currently employing this method?  Not that I know of BUT I want to.

According to Kris Carr in her book, “Crazy, Sexy Diet” which details how she’s living a healthy life WITH  cancer, “There are three times in life when squatting is necessary.  One: childbirth.  Two: if you’re employed as an umpire.  Three: dropping the kids off at the pool, aka taking a crap.”

Oh that Kris, so eloquent, she goes on to say, “…your feet should be elevated about 10 to 18 inches off the ground – you want your knees to be higher than your hips.”

My seat-less potty checks those little boxes AND I didn’t have to buy anything.  Now maybe just a lock on the bathroom door and I’m good to go.


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