On a tare

Tare is my word of the week.  Dictionary.com provided the following explanations:

Tare: noun

1. any of various vetches, especially Vicia sativa.

2. the seed of a vetch.

3. Bible . a noxious weed, probably the darnel.

Eh??  Oh, “example sentences”, again from Dictionary.com:

The weight of the packaging materials is referred to as tare weight. 

Weigh the empty laboratory sample containers which will be placed in the oven to determine their tare weight.

Now for my own fictional/based on a true story example:

So, there you are walking into the g store, bags, jars, pillowcases in hand.  You are ready to fill up with bulk, gone are your days of packaged food.

You fill your cart, head to check out and the cashier asks,

“What’s the tare?”

Me: HUH?  Did one of my bags tear?

Patiently the cashier smiles and says,

“No, your tare, the weight of your bags and stuff so I can deduct from the weight of the goods.”

Me: Ooooooooh, didn’t know about that.

 I do now!

See those little pieces of tape on each bag?  Say it with me – T-A-R-E.  To procure your tare, take your bags, jars, what-have-you, to a cashier BEFORE you fill up with bulk, they will weigh your things and provide you with a tare.



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