Meet my bags

After meeting this lady, I really took a look at my life, my clutter, my trash, my WASTE.  Creating waste might seem unavoidable, but then you spend some time on Bea’s site, and she shows you HOW to begin avoiding some of the most common offenders.

Without further adieu, I introduce you to my produce bags.  As opposed to my cart full of plastic disposable bags I now look down at my variations of beige bags and feel so modern, so thoughtful….I wonder if this is how Prius drivers feel (however mis-guided).


The large brown bag I use for my bread from the bakery, it is formerly the “travel bag” that came along with a purse purchase from long ago.  The others hold anything from loose spinach to bulk nuts and also entered my life as add-on’s from the purchase of shoes, etc., in fact the little one on top came with a purchase of mittens!

For me it’s been a fun and truly addicting new perspective on life, go meet Bea and see if any of her tips might work for you.


2 Comments on “Meet my bags”

  1. I love that you didn’t have to go out and purchase the bags! It feels great, doesn’t it. Now I avoid plastic bags at all cost. When I end up with one I get upset. I’m the woman trying to hols all of her purchases loose and wobbling to her car. And it feels great.

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