I’m not the only one


So I mentioned the awareness of creating waste can become a bit of an addiction right?  Well, my husband caught the bug too, his frequent contribution is in the form of this cup (or something similiar).  As a friend to caffeine he frequents many a coffee joint and he always brings his own cup.  He’s saving the waste of the paper cup, cardboard sleeve, plastic lid, occasionally those weird plastic sip-stopper things certain coffee shops adorn your cup with, BUT apparently it’s also quite the conversation starter.

SO, if you are looking to put a little spice in your daily caffeine jaunt, try bringing your own cup, in my humble opinion cups with phrases get extra points.  For example, USE ME OVER AND OVER, I CAN GO FOR YEARS NOT MINUTES, sadly I gotta million of ’em. heehee.

P.S. No lip about my husband’s superior photography, he’s not only handsome, he’s talented too, pfffff.


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